Wyro at work

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Kirill Kalashnikov aka Wyro started making beats back in distant 1999 while he was living in siberian city Surgut. Surrounded by snow and cold winter wind he started exploring Fast Tracker software and building his unique music style - warm and calm as summer night. His first love was atmospheric jungle and drum&bass and his first tracks were made in this exact genre but after years of musical experiments, hundreds of gigs around the world and releases on such respected d&b labels as Med School, Fokuz, Covert Operations, Formation and Blu Saphir he had successfully switched to deep and minimal Techno and House. Today his tracks are being played by a very wide spectre of artists. You can hear his minimal tunes in sets of Raresh, Nu Zau and Janeret, his progressive deep house is played by Guy J, Mihai Popoviciu and Mark Popcke, his breakbeat and bass experiments - by Leeroy Thornhill and Justin Martin. Apart from making music Kirill is running a vinyl only label Инженер (Engineer) and working as a CEO of Tramplin.Pro electronic music school (branches in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg).